Musipedia of Metal 8/10

Yep a band who have a name that is opening line of Slayer's seminal Raining Blood, you'd pretty much guarantee they're going to be thrash. However there's more to it than that, Trapped In Purgatory's membership comes from 3/5ths of UK thrash band Purgatory (not to be associated with the precursor to Ic*d E*rth). Chris Neighbour (vocals), Jason Coombs (guitar) and Andy ‘Jock’ Jamieson (lead guitar) are the three members from that original band but here they have brought in a totally new rhythm section of Jon Hoare (bass) and Marc Paling (drums). But what does it sound like? Well what we have on Damned Nation is that original thrash sound with a modern edginess, Beyond The Rubicon is a great example of this evolution, having a blasting thrash riffage that breaks down into a serious stomp, Chris' raw vocals mixing with Theresa Smith from Metaprism for a song full of melody and aggression. Elsewhere you have a lot 21sr Century thrashing as the production brings everything up to 11. Out Of The Fire (Into The Pit) a serious thrasher, inciting that titular pit even in your front room as does Hung Out To Die but as I alluded to earlier it's not all speedy thrashing as there are more melodic and even atmospheric elements on the title track. As I've said before thrash is not usually one of my most listened to genres but Damned Nation has enough variety to entertain throughout. Damned Nation is a very good modern/retro thrash record. 8/10