Review - 8/10

Updated: Jan 25

Some bands are simply indestructible. Trapped in Purgatory broke up 1990 under the name Purgatory, but almost 30 years later the thrash metal heart is still beating in the chests of the three original members of the smash commando. Between the initiation and split of the band they only managed to produce three demos, however, the wrecking ball that I have just listened to is a cracking surprise. Chris Neighbours vocals move somewhere between the roar of a rough alpha animal and melodic interludes. Jason Coombs and Andy Jamieson serve as massive battering rams to the inclined metal head ear, and drummer Marc Paling sounds at times like a Gatling gun operated by the Terminator. Only bass player Jon Hoare is faded a little too much into the background among all the pressure of metallic rapture (mostly he seems to follow the riffs which, while it enhances the sound of the guitar, doesn’t let his own work shine…). All together a long-awaited sign of life that is more than satisfactory. Don’t take a 30 year break before the next album boys!!!

Grade: 8 out of 10 points

Author: Dennis Eikenkötter