Review - Sentinel Daily (Australia)

The band formerly known as Purgatory return! Long term fans of British thrash may remember guitarists Andy Jamieson and Jason Coombs and vocalist Chris Neighbour from the band’s old days under that name, but here they are, all spruced up in 2021 under a slightly different moniker, with a deadly new album!

In simple terms, Damned Nation is one of the best albums from a ‘new’ thrash band that I’ve heard in a long, long time. Benefitting from a superb mix courtesy of Maciej Dawidek (and, of course, some startlingly good performances from the band themselves), songs like Spit It Out stand fully-formed and ready to duke it out with the established giants of the genre. Seriously, if somebody like Anthrax brought something as good as this out in 2021 people would be salivating like dogs, and I can’t urge you enough to give it a spin as soon as you can.

Demonicide has a bit of a whiff of fellow Bristolians Onslaught about it, but in reality Trapped In Purgatory have developed a sound that is one hundred per cent their own. Release of the month and then some!